What authentication form should I choose?
2021-04-14 2022-02-16 10:45:07


The choice of the most appropriate authentication depends mainly on the party selected for integration into mediaFinanz. If you set-up a link that you wish to use yourself, we recommend standard authentication. If your product is a server-client solution, we recommend standard authentication as well. If you operate a portal and your clients wish to use mediaFinanz GmbH services, you should use partner authentication. With […]

What are the preconditions for the use of mediaFinanz enquiry and investigation services?
2021-04-14 2022-02-16 10:06:19


You must have a legitimate interest in creditworthiness information and a need for investigative services; this is, for example, the case if the party to be checked out intends to establish business connections or an increase trading with you, and this is evidenced by an order or a request for an enhanced contractual relationship.


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