Which integration form should I choose?

2021-04-14 2022-02-16 10:57:32 It-integration

As a rule, the right form of integration depends on your requirements. If you wish to pass claims to us and do not have any IT resources of your own, the CSV interface should be the best solution for you. If you use up-to-date shop and trading goods management software, we can often provide you with mediaFinanz modules that you can use. These are easy to install and extend your software by our services package. The SOAP interface is an obvious solution for people with programming know-how. It offers the largest number of features and is updated on an on-going basis. Should you have any questions on the subject of IT, you can reach the mediaFinanz GmbH team from Monday to Friday by telephone under +49 (0) 541 2029-110 or by e-mail to info@mediafinanz.de.

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